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Your senior loved ones are the ones who took care of you before and helped you to become what you are today. This time, it is your time to give back to them the love and care they had given you. We understand that not all the time that you will be there for them. That is why Adams Healthcare and Staffing LLC have services that we can tailor depending on the needs of your senior loved ones.

Our Home Care Services include:

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Companionship and Engagement

We would be there for your loved ones when they need company at home or at any engagement they may have.

female caregiver hugging a female senior

Respite Care

We would take over your primary caregivers’ tasks when they need their much-awaited rest to regain their strength to do their duties again.

lady and male senior talking

Dementia Care

We can help your loved ones with dementia and be there to assist them in the best way we can.

caregiver giving food to an elderly

Meal Preparation

We can help prepare meals for your loved ones when they can no longer cook. We ensure to prepare only nutritious food or follow the diet plan advised by their physician.

Elder women reading book while cheerful caregiver making house clean

Light Housekeeping

A tidy home can help improve your loved one’s health. Let us help you clean their abode to ensure their safety and health.

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

When your loved ones need someone to take them to and from their appointment or engagement, we can take care of that by giving them a ride.

male senior with the female nurse

Support for Patients in Hospice

We will be there for your loved ones to help them lessen the pain they feel in the remaining moment of their lives.

lady holding senior woman resident by her arm helping her to walk

Support for Short and Long-Term Recovery

When you are recovering from an illness or accident, we will be there to help you, whether for short or long-term recovery.

young female holding a grocery and an elderly walking together

Grocery Shopping

We can help shop groceries for your loved ones to ensure they will have all the things they need at home, so they no longer need to visit the store.

female nurse giving medicine to a senior female

Prescription Pick-Up

To ensure that your loved ones will have enough medication, we can pick up their prescriptions, so they will not miss any medication.

male caregiver helping a male senior

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

We will be there to help your loved ones perform ADLs, such as ambulation, eating, using the toilet, and more.

caregiver helping a female senior

Personal Care Services

Taking care of oneself can make you feel good. And to make your loved ones feel good about themselves, we can help them do personal care.

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It is essential to have fresh, clean clothes or linen for your loved ones so that they will feel good about themselves or feel comfortable in their own bed.

Please do not hesitate to send us a message if you have questions regarding our home care services. Our approachable team will reach out to you as soon as possible.